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VP, Engineering
Maher is an executive leader with a proven track record of transforming engineering teams, driving cloud migrations, and delivering impactful SaaS solutions across diverse industries. Currently, he is the Vice President of Engineering at Betterworks, where he oversees the integration of AI into performance management software. Maher's passion for technology has recently been ignited by the emergence of generative AI. Its transformative power to learn, adapt, and solve real-world problems has inspired him to champion its responsible development and explore its vast potential to empower people. He thrives on creating environments where engineers feel valued, challenged, and equipped to excel.
17 April 2024 14:00 - 14:30
Panel session: How to deploy more scalable, safe & robust generative products
In this session, our panelists will share their experiences, challenges, and success stories in swiftly moving from concept validation to the creation of robust and safe AI products, with talking points including: ➝ Safety measures ➝ Collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches ➝ Scaling from initial production Bring your questions to this interactive session, and join the conversation yourself.

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