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VP, AI/ML & Automation
Bank of America
Hira Dangol comes from a design, build, and operator-focused architecture and engineering leadership background across infrastructure-led hardware, software, and cloud products. Technology and product leader with a strong track record of taking ideas to initiatives and managing AI/ML, Automation, and Security platform development, scale, and adoption in enterprise-wide adoption. Served as a key member of the Product Architecture Review Board in supporting tollgate review and approval of in-sourced external innovative products in the define, build, and operate phases. Creator of a popular industry agnostics enterprise focused 6-layered framework of MLOps deployment of AI/ML models, automation, and advanced analytics functions. Currently, lead workflow automation (RPA), AI/ML, and Advanced Analytics powered platform development responsibility at Bank of America from zero to MVP and scale beyond now adopted enterprise-wide. Technical strategy and advisory functions across the internal digital ecosystem, technology product alignments, and digital engagement platforms. For the last decade, Hira has been building technology, thought leadership, venture capital, and entrepreneurship ecosystems in Silicon Valley in driving innovation, disruption, and emerging technologies including AI through actionable discovery in pursuit of new enterprise creation.
16 April 2024 14:30 - 15:00
Panel discussion: LLMops - a technical deep dive into LLM implementation & optimization for better performance
Alongside our panel of leaders, attendees will take part in an interactive deep-dive into LLM implementation and optimization for peak model performance. The discussion will explore intricacies of architecture, fine-tuning, and cutting-edge techniques, providing invaluable insights for maximizing the efficiency and capabilities of large language models in various applications.

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