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VP, Engineering, Google Cloud AI & Industry Solutions
Burak Gokturk, general manager and Vice President of Engineering at Google Cloud AI & Industry Solutions, oversees the teams creating products and solutions that empower every enterprise to transform their business with AI, including products that require little to no AI or machine learning user expertise. This unique portfolio includes a unified platform to serve large models via Vertex AI, Unified Cloud Search, DocumentAI, and Conversational AI, along with industry solutions focused on healthcare, retail, media, and financial services. He also oversees development of machine learning technologies such as generative AI-based large language models and their application for real-world industry problems. Burak has been in the AI/machine learning field for more than 25 years, published more than 40 papers, and holds more than 50 patents/patent applications. Burak received his MS and PhD degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford University and double BS degrees in electrical engineering and computer science from Boğaziçi University.
16 April 2024 11:45 - 12:15
Headline session: Transforming the world through Google's latest releases
Burak leads a team truly transforming the world through AI. In this session, he'll take a technical look at some of Google's most notable recent releases - from Gemini to Vertex - as well as answering the question: what next for Google and Silicon Valley in this new LLM-powered ecosystem?

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