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Senior AI Advocate
Aishwarya works in the Microsoft for Startups group as a Senior AI Advocate to help startups build machine learning solutions, leveraging core Microsoft & OpenAI products. Prior to this, Aishwarya was working as a data scientist in Google Cloud and before that an AI & ML Innovation Leader at IBM Data & AI, where she was working cross-functionally with the product team, data science team and sales to research AI use-cases for clients by conducting discovery workshops and building assets to showcase the business value of the technology. She is the founder of Illuminate AI, first of its kind non-profit organization for providing resources and mentorship for people who want to build their career in the field of AI. Aishwarya has been awarded Trailblazer of the Year by Women in AI in 2022 and Women of Influence by Business Journal in 2022.
16 April 2024 11:15 - 11:45
Headline session: How to future proof your startup? Building MVP, product-market-fit, bootstrapping, partnerships & more
In this session, explore key strategies to future-proof your startup, including building a minimum viable product (MVP), achieving product-market fit, effective bootstrapping, and forging strategic partnerships. Learn from Aishwarya, one of the Valley's and Microsoft's most respected leaders, about navigating challenges and leveraging opportunities to ensure your startup's resilience and growth in the rapidly evolving market landscape.

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