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Principal AI Advocate
Cedric Vidal is a Principal AI Advocate at Microsoft, with a focus on Generative AI and the startup ecosystem. He is dedicated to advocating for the use of AI in startups and helping them bring their products to market. Prior to his current role, Cedric spent 4 years as an Engineering Manager in the AI data labeling space for the self-driving industry. He also served as the CTO of a Fintech AI SAAS startup and worked as a software engineering services consultant for major Fintech enterprises for 10 years.
12 June 2024 09:00 - 09:30
Improving RAG with Retrieval Augmented Fine-Tuning (RAFT) Llama 2 with AI Studio: Practical insights
This presentation offers a practical walkthrough of fine-tuning models in Azure AI Studio, providing AI developers with a comprehensive understanding of dataset preparation and its application to models such as Meta's Llama 2. Drawing from a collaborative effort with UC Berkeley on their influential paper "RAFT: RAFT: Adapting Language Model to Domain Specific RAG" (blog), we will demonstrate the application of fine tuning by applying RAFT and use AI Studio's fine-tuning feature which abstracts away fine-tuning and allows us to focus on the dataset preparation. Additionally, we explore methods for evaluating the results of fine-tuning.

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